Mangasm Prostate Anal Toy

Mangasm Alpha Toy

Mangasm Alpha ($54)

The Mangasm Alpha is rapidly gaining attention as one of the best anal prostate toys on the market.  The Mangasm is really simple to use.  All it requires is a little lubrication and once  inserted into your anus, small gentle movements will massage and stimulate your male g-spot prostate area.

This anal/prostate toy has garnered a lot of positive feedback from fans of male sex toys.  The makers claim that with practice, the mangasm will enable you to orgasm without even needing to touch your penis!

This toy can be bought alone, or with a Fleshlight and/or the Autoblow blowjob machine as part of a special deal.

Ream & Dream Suction Anal Plug

Ream DreamReam & Dream Suction Butt Plug ($58)

A flesh colored anal butt plug toy that has a secure suction base for hands free fun.

The toy has a nicely tapered penis like shaft, with a firm but pliable feel making it easy to insert and manageable enough to fill your anus with an impressive 13″ girth at its maximum.

Some experienced anal sex toy users have reported that the Ream & Dream is a challenge to insert its full length, but that its a great toy nonetheless, especially if you want a long session of slow and gradual insertion.

Definitely one of the best anal plug toys, although perhaps not the best for absolute beginners.

Clear Triple-X-Glass-Dildo

Clear Triple X DildoClear Triple X Glass Dildo ($42)

The Triple X Glass Dildo is one of the best anal toys for women.  It’s triple X shape has been designed to stimulate the anus, the vagina, and the clitoris.  The head of the dildo is covered in teasing nubs.  Made out of pure pyrex glass by RubyGlass21, known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass sex toys.

Gyrox Hands Free Anal Dildo

Gyrox Hands Free DildoGyrox Hands Free Dildo ($97.81)

This powerfully built hands free anal dildo is strictly for advanced anal toy fans only!  Apart from its volumnous and beautifuly designed shape, what sets the Gyrox apart is the unique pivot ball base.  What this does is allow you to control the movement and pressure you feel inside of your anus while using the toy – something that makes each session varied and unique, as well as getting better each time as you become more skilled in controlling it!

One of the very best anal dildos, but again, not entirely suitable for beginners.

Clear Ryder Anal Plug Toy

clear ryder glass anal plugClear Ryder Anal Glass Plug Toy ($180)

A gorgeous new glass anal toy from RubyGlass21.  Made from highest quality pyrex glass, the Clear Ryder is a toy that is 100% safe and very easy to use.  The toy will fit tightly and give you unbelievable sensations without any fear of slipping.

The Clear Ryder measures 6 inches in length, with widths that range from 0.5 to 1.75 inches.

Both one of the best glass anal toys and one of the best anal butt plugs that you can buy.